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The accordion became increasingly popular with Irish céilidh bands in the 1940s and 50s. Some purists, including the composer Seán Ó Riada, were against its use in Irish traditional music. This band are all playing two-row button accordions and even though the photograph has seen better days it is still a keeper. I like to think of it pinned up in a rural kitchen for many decades.

I recently bought Bertien van Manen’s 2007 book called Give Me Your Image whose work features still-life style images of family photos as they are commonly displayed in households. The concept for this book really appeals to me and makes me wonder about the photographs I collect and where they were displayed during their lifetime.  

 A quick search reveals that there were many bands of this name active in the 1950s. The seller indicated that it originated in Kilkenny, so the band may possibly be St. Patrick’s Dance Band from Ballyragget.

I also like the illustration which is barely visible on the drum kit – the glamorous 1950s couple are definitely at odds with the appearance of the band members and the makeshift stage.

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